Clare Lindop

Conversations with Cornesy featuring the first Australian female jockey to ride in the Melbourne Cup, Clare Lindop.

Aussie favourite and cricketing legend, Boof Lehmann joins Nicole in the Pod to talk about life, both in and out of the spotlight.

Glenn Shorrock

Conversations with Cornesy featuring musician and two time ARIA Hall of Fame inductee, Glenn Shorrock.

Ross Wilson

Conversations with Cornesy featuring Australian singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer Ross Wilson.

Ken Cole

Conversations with Cornesy featuring Australian basketball Olympian and Hall of Fame inductee, Ken Cole.

Nicole talks to Daniel Bogre Udell about his passion for languages and his endeavour to preserve them through his website, Wikitongues.

Nicole chats to Australian comedian Josh Richards about why he is so determined to be one of four humans sent to Mars in 2024 as part of the Mars One mission.

Nicole is joined by environmental explorer and scientist Tim Jarvis who talks about limitations (does he have any?), mindset and how to project manage what you want to achieve.