Nicole is joined by environmental explorer and scientist Tim Jarvis who talks about limitations (does he have any?), mindset and how to project manage what you want to achieve.

Nicole chats to tennis legend and entertainer Mansour Bahrami who, despite not owning a racquet until he was 13, became one of the most remarkable players to grace the court.

Hitaf Rasheed

Conversations with Cornesy featuring executive director of Events South Australia, Hitaf Rasheed.

Jan Sutherland

Conversations with Cornesy featuring chief executive of Sport SA, Jan Sutherland.

Frank Sebastyn

Conversations with Cornesy featuring South Australian guitarist, Frank Sebastyn.

Nicole chats to Andrew Hunter - GM of the Port Adelaide Football Club's China Program - about the role sport can play in progressing international relations.

Nicole is joined by former Australian boxer Jeff Fenech to discuss his journey from petty criminal to public figure, and giving back to a community that loved and loathed him at certain times.

Phil Hoffmann

Conversations with Cornesy featuring South Australian businessman, Phil Hoffman.