Willy Shine is the Brand Meister at Jägermeister United States. German digestif Jagermeister has earned a place on most backbars around the world thanks to the notoriety of ‘Jager-bombs’. But at its heart, it is a versatile and complex amaro made with 56 different botanicals. Willy Shine joins the podcast to discuss his career, how the company has set about changing people’s perceptions of the product, as well as its versatility in cocktails.

Paul Gabie is co-founder and CEO of Proof & Company, the premiere independent spirits distributor in Asia. Proof & Co also has a creative team that has become a driving force behind the cocktail renaissance taking hold on the continent, by designing bars such as 28 Hong Kong Street and ATLAS. Paul has an expansive chat with Nicole about the company's origin; the most exciting markets in 2020; their newest venture, ecoSPIRITS, that aims to end single-use glassware; and his philosophy on building successful teams.

After graduating with a degree in political science in her 20s, Canadian Lauren Mote was left questioning whether it was actually herself or her grandmother who had wanted her to become a lawyer. Lauren already had experience running a host of bars and businesses and, deep down, she knew that was where she found her calling.

Natasha David is the co-owner of Nitecap NYC, and Imbibe Magazine's Bartender of the Year.

Dan Gregory is an Australian bartender currently leading the charge at Evolve Spirits Bar in Hobart.

Camper English is a former scientist and current cocktail & spirits writer. He's the creator of the directional freezing technique for making clear ice which is ubiquitous in bars around the world. And he's also the man behind websites like Alcademics, CocktailSafe.org and CocktailGreen.org.

Steve Schneider is the former US Marine who is now an integral part of the Employees Only team. Many of you would already be familiar with Steve, who has one of the more extraordinary and inspiring background stories that led him to becoming an icon behind the bar.

Millie Tang is a freelance photographer and one of the rising stars of the Australian bar industry. She has almost a decade's experience and currently works at The Gresham in Brisbane. In 2019, Millie took home a slew of awards and cocktail competitions, including the Australian Liquor Industry Awards' Bartender of the Year, Licor 43 global cocktail competition in Spain, and Speed Rack Australia.