Conversations with Cornesy featuring chief court reporter for The Advertiser, Sean Fewster.

Conversations with Cornesy featuring owner of Life's a Cabernet and former entertainer, Ralf Hadzic.

Conversations with Cornesy featuring former Australian basketball player and three time Olympian, Rachael Sporn OAM.

Roz Savage was 36 when she decided to jettison her management job in London, her house and even her husband in favour of a life dedicated to solo rowing 15,000 miles across oceans to raise environmental awareness. Nicole finds out how and why she spends every day redefining her boundaries and comfort zone.

Conversations with Cornesy featuring local pastry chef and owner of Vili's Cafe, Vili Milisits.

Conversations with Cornesy featuring local poet, author and literary enthusiast, Geoff Goodfellow.

Steve Baxter is one of five Sharks on Shark Tank Australia and Queensland's chief entrepreneur. He's refreshingly honest as he explains how he came to be on Shark Tank and provides some terrific advice for those of you who're business minded.

Tony Vidmar played 76 games for the Socceroos, and a pivotal role qualifying the team for the 2006 World Cup when he rattled home the third penalty of the famous shootout against Uruguay.