Kevin Diedrich, co-owner of Pacific Cocktail Haven, is the 2020 American Bartender of the Year.

Jeremy Spencer is co-founder of both The West Winds gin and Curatif canned cocktails.

Brian Bartels is co-owner of the Settle Down Tavern in Madison, and the author of two books: The Bloody Mary and The United States of Cocktails.

Sam Egerton is Group Bars Manager at Merivale.

H. Joseph Ehrmann is the owner of Elixir San Francisco, and co-founder of Fresh Victor, a range of cold-pressed juice-based mixers.

Margot Lecarpentier is a Parisian bartender, and co-owner of Belleville bar Combat.

Richard Angove leads operations at St Agnes Distillery which, after 95 years of operation, is producing some of Australia's most awarded brandies.

Tyler Zielinski is a freelance journalist, competitive bartender, and beverage consultant. His writing has been featured in magazines such as PUNCH, Imbibe Magazine and Whiskey Advocate, and publications such as, Bloomberg and Fast Company have touted him as a beverage expert. Still, only 26 years old, he is just hitting his stride and has yet to fulfill his ambitions, so there is plenty more to come.