Nicole is joined by James MacGregor, co-founder of Biteable, to talk about the company that's amassed over 4 million users in 4 years.

Jed Altschwager lost his leg in an accident at work in 2015. He takes Nicole through that experience and how he's managed to turn it into a positive by training to represent Australia in the Paralympics.

Christine Manfield joins Nicole to chat about her new book, Tasting India: Heirloom Family Recipes, where her love for the subcontinent comes from and her illustrious career.

Nicole puts Graham Cornes on the other side of the microphone, to explore some the little-known personal battles he's had to deal with over the journey.

Nicole is joined by feature film director Gillian Armstrong, to discuss the the Australian film industry and the exhibition that shares the name of one of her most poignant pieces.

Nicole catches up with Russell Ivanovic, one half of the duo who created Pocket Casts, to chat about being bought out by some of the biggest players in the US and the future of the podcast industry.

Nicole is joined by returned serviceman Chris Pitman, who is on the eve of competing in the Invictus Games in Sydney.

Rolf de Heer and Molly Reynolds are two of Australia's most highly-regarded filmmakers, and they're in the Pod to discuss The Waiting Room, an immersive Virtual-Reality experience that they've collaborated on.