Stuart Gregor is Co-founder and Trade Director at Four Pillars, the Australia gin distillery that's just won International Gin Producer of the Year for the second year running.

Kevin Diedrich, co-owner of Pacific Cocktail Haven, is the 2020 American Bartender of the Year.

Jeremy Spencer is co-founder of both The West Winds gin and Curatif canned cocktails.

Brian Bartels is co-owner of the Settle Down Tavern in Madison, and the author of two books: The Bloody Mary and The United States of Cocktails.

Sam Egerton is Group Bars Manager at Merivale.

H. Joseph Ehrmann is the owner of Elixir San Francisco, and co-founder of Fresh Victor, a range of cold-pressed juice-based mixers.

Margot Lecarpentier is a Parisian bartender, and co-owner of Belleville bar Combat.

Richard Angove leads operations at St Agnes Distillery which, after 95 years of operation, is producing some of Australia's most awarded brandies.