Modern-day bartending careers with Jim Meehan

We conclude our best-of series of podcasts with our thought-provoking conversation with bar industry authority Jim Meehan.

Jim Meehan owns Please Don’t Tell, a hidden high-end cocktail bar in New York that has become something of an institution. He's also an accomplished author - many of you would be familiar with his work in the PDT Cocktail Book and Meehan's Bartender Manual, winner of the 2018 James Beard Foundation Cookbook Award in "Beverage" category.

Even now that he’s stepped back from his New York duties to settle down in Oregon, Jim remains a highly sought-after industry authority. He spoke candidly with us in the early months of this year about why he made that move, as well as how he encourages young people to traverse the hospitality industry that can present a unique set of challenges.

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Key points 

  • 02:00 The bar industry in New York
  • 06:30 Opening another PDT in Hong Kong
  • 11:20 Stepping back to settle in Portland
  • 14:15 How to 'swim in the deep end' of the bar industry
  • 24:45 How Jim manages to be an author, owner and father all at once
  • 29:45 What drew Jim to hospitality
  • 34:50 The 'memory-creating' business
  • 36:00 American Express’ The Centurion Lounge