Lyre's Non-Alcoholic Spirits - Interview with co-founder Mark Livings

Mark Livings is the co-founder of Lyre's Spirit Co, a company that is re-defining the non-alcoholic spirit category with the use of futuristic beverage technology, market research and investment.

Mark’s background is in marketing, branding, technology and investing, mainly within the food and beverage industry. He’s the co-founder and Director of hugely successful independent agencies The Kinetic Agency and BrandLink Australia.

And it’s through this line of work that he noticed some surprising trends within the industry – younger people are drinking less, and more are choosing not to drink at all. With this in mind, he set about creating Lyre’s Spirit Co – a non-alcoholic spirit company that now has 14 products in its range, all of which aim to mimic a traditional alcoholic spirit.

The number of people abstaining from alcohol is on the rise. Credit: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Unlike producers that have come before Lyre’s in this space, however, they are building their flavours from scratch, rather than the 'de-alcoholising' traditional spirits that often results in a watery liquid that lacks flavour. The results Lyre's are achieving have made the industry stand up and taken notice - one of its vermouths even taking out an award in a blind tasting against its alcoholic counterparts.

Mark is on the podcast to explain how Lyre’s develop their unique flavours, the importance of drinks and beverages in our culture and the opportunity for bars and bartenders going forward.

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