This week:

Feature Interview with author and owner of Please Don't Tell, Jim Meehan. Free Pour Five with Japanese Master Bartender Hidetsugu Ueno.

Jim Meehan owns PDT, a hidden high-end cocktail bar in New York that serves only hot dogs alongside its drinks. Philip Duff had so many nice words to say about it in Episode 3 that we simply had to get the man behind it on the podcast. Jim's also written the PDT Cocktail Book and, more recently, Meehan's Bartender Manual. He speaks candidly about how he sees the industry and doesn't shy away from any of the hurdles or potential pitfalls faced by career bartenders.

After Jim, at around 55:30, we're joined by Japanese Master Bartender Hidetsugu Ueno from High Five in Tokyo. He's fascinating - a coffee lover who doesn't drink alcohol, Ueno started his career in cafes and has made a name for himself as a bartender in a society that has historically looked down on the profession.

Resources, bars and products mentioned
  • Roosevelt Lounge Gold Coast
  • Death & Company New York
  • The Dead Rabbit New York
  • Attaboy New York
  • Amor Y Amargo New York
  • Jim's books: The PDT Cocktail Book & Meehan's Bartender Manual
  • The Centurion Lounge
Key points:
  • 5:00 Jim's take on the New York bartending market
  • 10:00 Jim on opening another PDT in Hong Kong
  • 14:50 Why Jim moved away from New York to Portland
  • 17:45 How to 'swim in the deep end' of the bar industry
  • 28:15 How Jim manages to be an author, owner and father all at once
  • 33:15 What drew Jim to hospitality
  • 38:20 Why Jim believes he's in the 'memory-creating' business
  • 39:30 Jim’s involvement in American Express’ The Centurion Lounge
  • 55:30 The Free Pour Five with Hidetsugu Ueno