This week:

Feature Interview with Mindful Bartender who's done it all, Gaz Regan, and the Free Pour Five with Ryan Lane, owner of The Gresham in Brisbane.

Gaz Regan - the Bartender formerly known as Gary Regan - has been around the bar industry since he began working in English pubs in the 1960s. He knows it inside out, having seen it evolve into the cocktail culture we know today and written about it extensively in countless books and magazines. Still fully immersed in the industry in New York, we had Gaz join us to discuss his past experiences, before letting us in on the inspiration behind his current projects – Mindful Bartending, the Worldwide Bartender Database, the updated ‘The Joy of Mixology’ and more.

Then, at around the 40 minute mark we're joined at Hains & Co by Ryan Lane for our Free Pour segment. Ryan manages award-winning Brisbane pub The Gresham and is sixth on the Australian Bartender Magazine's Most Influential List.

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Key points

  • 5:00 From English pubs to creating cocktails in New York – a brief look at Gaz’s journey behind the bar
  • 11:20 How Gaz made the transition to writing about cocktails
  • 13:15 How the finger-stirred negroni came to be
  • 15:30 Gaz’s advice for young bartenders
  • 21:50 What Gaz is up to these days
  • 23:30 Mindful Bartending
  • 28:45 How Gaz manages his drinking
  • 29:45 the drink Gaz likes to finish his day with
  • 35:10 The story behind Gaz’s famous eyeliner
  • 41:10 The Free Pour Five with Ryan Lane of The Gresham