This Week:

  • Feature Interview - Sven Almenning from the Speakeasy Group.
  • Free Pour Five - Timo Janse from the Flying Dutchmen, Amsterdam.

Sven Almenning is a ex-Norwegian Navy officer who became a bartender when he was in Australia studying journalism. He now owns and runs the Speakeasy Group of venues and online staff training program Ananas. Prior to that, he and his wife ran Behind Bars, a bartending education consultancy that reached over 15,000 people per year. Sven is second on the Australian Bartender Magazine’s most influential list and he genuinely cares about the industry, its future and the people in it.

After our chat with Sven, we head to Amsterdam for a Free Pour chat with Timo Janse, who’s recently founded Flying Dutchmen Cocktails.

Key points:

  • 4:30 An overview of all the amazing things Sven was involved with in 2018
  • 10:30 What Sven looks for in a Speak Easy venue
  • 14:10 What Sven’s experience in the Navy taught him
  • 18:15 What Sven looks for when hiring employees
  • 22:30 The philosophy behind Sven’s online training program Anana’s
  • 28:20 Sven’s most memorable drinking experiences
  • 33:00 Sven’s advice for young bartenders
  • 36:00 The venue trends that Sven sees taking shape in 2019
  • 41:45 The experience on offer at Sven’s newest venue, Nick & Nora’s
  • 47:40 Sven’s favourite drink to make
  • 52:15 the Free Pour Five with Timo Janse of Flying Dutchmen Cocktails

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