This week:

Feature interview with Rob Libecans and Matt Stirling from Fancy Free. The Free Pour Five with Bree Erica from the Roosevelt Lounge on the Gold Coast.

Rob Libecans and Matthew Stirling are two thirds of Fancy Free, a group of Australia's best bartenders who met at Fitzroy institution Black Pearl. Under the Fancy Free banner, they've run a series of pop-ups, started a consultancy called Seven Ounces and are now about to open a bar in the heart of Melbourne. We got the boys on to chat about why their opening's been delayed, what the bar will be like once it's here, why it's only going to be here for six months and how they've made it work on a shoestring budget.

Then, during the FP5 we check in with the head bartender at one of Nicole's favourite Gold Coast haunts, the Roosevelt Lounge. Bree Erica is relatively new to the world of cocktail bars but is making a splash in the evolving GC market with her experimental, food-inspired creations.