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Feature Interview - Philip Duff on cocktail culture. Free Pour Five - Rogerio Igarashi with Hisatsugu Saito from Bar Tram, Tokyo.

Philip Duff is a consultant, educator, producer, writer, judge and former venue owner. He's also hilarious. The Irishman has done it all since establishing Liquid Solutions 20 years ago: He's owned the Netherland's first speakeasy - door 74, mentored some of the world's best bartenders (including Marcus!) and he's now the Director of Education at Tales of the Cocktail. Oh, and he also produces Old Duff Genever Single Malt, one of only three brands permitted to carry the seal of Schiedam.

Phil's always ahead of the curve, which makes him the perfect person to kick off 2019 with. Our wide-ranging interview covers the cocktail revolution, where and what he's most excited about in 2019, what he'd tell bartenders starting out today (he's one of the most accomplished mentors going around) and what he regards as the most important of the many positions he's held to date.

Then, we bring you the Free Pour Five with two of Asia's best bartenders - Rogerio Igarashi and Hisatsugu Saito - to explore the unique world of bartending and cocktail culture in Japan.

Key points

  • 10:00 Changes Phil has seen in his time at Tales of the Cocktail.
  • 17:00 Why Phil regards Australia as the best pound-for-pound cocktail nation in the world.
  • 19:00 Where Phil thinks the cocktail revolution is at and where it’s headed
  • 24:50 What Phil thinks people are looking to drink in 2019.
  • 26:40 What Phil looks for when judging cocktail competitions.
  • 33:10 The advice Phil would give to bartenders starting out today.
  • 39:50 Phil’s most memorable drinking experience.
  • 44:00 We bring out Phil’s soft side!
  • 48:50 The Free Pour Five with Rogerio Igarashi and Hisatsugu Saito from Tokyo.

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