Jeremy Blackmore takes us inside Sydney's miniature mezcal mecca, Cantina OK!

Jeremy Blackmore is a veteran bartender and venue owner from Sydney, and one of three men behind Cantina OK!.

Along with good friend Alex Dowd, Jeremy is also behind Tio's Cerveceria and The Cliff Dive, and the two have now joined forces with soon-to-be 'Mezcal Master' Alex Gilmour to launch the 20-person, standing-room-only Cantina.

The tiny space has been open for almost 12 months but has already been described as "a micro version of a honky-tonk down in Mexico" by Time Out. It is the culmination of multiple trips to Mexico to taste, source and learn about some of the rarest traditionally-distilled Agave spirits

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Jeremy joined us on the podcast to chat about the challenges faced fitting out such a tiny space - with no room for ice machines or seats - their renowned Margarita OK! that's served over ice carved with a Nepalese ice shaver,as well as some of the weird and wonderful experiences they've had on their trips to Mexico.