The Pickleback shot's short history with John Roberts

John Roberts is the owner of Bushwick Country Club - the home of the iconic Pickleback. Bushwick, or BCC, is far from your usual ‘Country Club’. It’s an archetypal dive bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, that specialises in dreadful mini golf, lager, shots and apparent lawlessness.

John has been the owner for almost 16 years, but was only a year or so into the job when one of his bartenders - Reggie Cunningham - stumbled across a modern-day classic concoction in 2006. Old Crow’s Whiskey and the brine of McClure’s Pickles quickly became known as a match made in heaven at BCC, before the good word spread to bars the world over.

A Pickleback in the making at Bushwick. Photo: Bushwick Country Club

John is on the podcast to describe the events that led to the Reggie Cunningham's invention of the Pickleback, and to help us define what a true dive bar is.

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