Tim Philips-Johansson on making bartending a sustainable career path

Tim Philips-Johansson is a Senior Consultant at Sweet & Chilli, a multi-venue owner and Australia's most awarded bartender. And once upon a time, he was trained by our own Marcus Motteram!

Tim has become a somewhat of a behemoth of the bar and cocktail industry since working at London institution Milk & Honey in the 2000s, and going on to win Diageo Global World Class cocktail competition in 2012. Since returning to Australia in 2010, he's set up shop in Sydney with the hugely successful Bulletin Place, where he still finds time to get behind the bar once a month. For more on the systems and attention to detail that saw Bulletin Place win 'Best Sustainable Bar Program' at the Australian Bar Awards, check out our conversation with Alex Gondzioulis from October 2019.

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These days, Tim has shifted his focus to how we can help the bar world become, not only a more sustainable industry environmentally, but also a more sustainable occupation for our young people health-wise. Tim shares the strategies he implements to maintain a healthy lifestyle despite working in an industry surrounded by alcohol, late nights and the like.