Agung Prabowo takes us behind the Best Bar in Asia - The Old Man HK.

Agung Prabowo is co-owner of  The Old Man in Hong Kong, and in 2018 was also crowned Best Bartender in Asia by Drink Magazine.

And he’s been a hard man to get hold of! We’ve been chasing him for around 6 months but had a couple of interview times fall through, so we thought we’d get on a plane to Sydney and see the man himself in person.

Agung was recently in Sydney for Bar Week 2019, where he presented Monin's Bartending as an Art masterclass at Employees Only. He he took us through some of the philosophies and techniques that set The Old Man apart.

You can watch a snippet of our chat at Employees Only below:

The culinary techniques used in Agung's bar create a depth and complexity of flavour you simply can’t find anywhere else. The equipment they’re using every day - around the clock - includes a Sous-vide, redistilling machine, centrifuge and heavy-duty blender. He and his team are doing things such as redistilling vodka with whole fresh clams, sea water and 3 different types of salt, which goes into their take on a Bloody Mary called A Moveable Feast.

Seriously, it’s hard to find words to describe these cocktails to people who haven’t tried them. They're a perfect balance of savoury, sweet, salty, sour and everything in between.

We caught up with him straight after the Bartending as an Art presentation to discuss what’s next for The Old Man, which has just opened a second venue in Singapore, what's on the cards for the future and the message he gives young bartenders.

Agung Prabowo at Sydney Bar Week 2019