A look at South Australia's gin scene with Prohibition's Wes Heddles and Adelaide Hills' Sacha La Forgia

Wes Heddles and Sacha La Forgia both own and run different award-winning South Australian distilleries. Wes is one of two men who co-founded  Prohibition Liquor, a small-batch gin producer, and Sacha is a former winemaker who now heads up Adelaide Hills Distillery. Adelaide Hills' headline product is their 78 degrees gin, and the company has recently begun the foray into vermouth and whiskey production. 

Wes and Sacha were good friends before they became direct competitors, so there is plenty of banter to be had during their chat with Nicole. She asks about how they started out, the saturation level of the gin market in Australia, where further opportunities lie and what sets their products apart.

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