In Conversation with 'The Maestro', Salvatore Calabrese

Salvatore Calabrese is The Maestro. One of the most recognisable bartenders in the world, he’s been working in hospitality he was 11 years old on the Amalfi Coast.


The Maestro has spent over five decades in the drinks industry, so his passion for cocktails long precedes the craft cocktail movement of this century. By age 21, he was the youngest maitre d' on the Amalfi Coast, and it wasn't long later that he was making a name for himself in London at Duke’s Hotel. Among his most well-known legacies are the invention of the Breakfast Martini and drinks program Liquid History, which culminated in him making the oldest cocktail of all time from ingredients with a combined age of over 700 years.

Salvatore is an exquisite story-teller (and he's just finished his morning coffee!), so sit back and enjoy the tales behind those and so many other brilliant ideas that are synonymous with 'The Maestro'.

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Before we dive into the discussion with Salvatore, we've included our brief chat with a mystery woman who answered the phone when we initially dialled the wrong number.