Earn Your Booze with Justin Cross

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This week:

  • Feature interview with Earn Your Booze co-founder and CEO, Justin Cross.
  • Free Pour Five with Bar Raval Bar Manager, Ana Wolkowski.

Justin Cross is co-founder and CEO at Earn Your Booze. He and Elliott Clark, who runs Instagram account @apartment_bartender, joined forces in 2017 to create a company that aims to bridge the gap between the fitness and drinks industries. Last year, EYB ran over 40 events in conjunction with big liquor brands to promote a healthier lifestyle among bartenders and other industry workers. At their activations, all 150+ participants complete a workout before a party at which the drinks have all been 'earned' through hard work.

Justin takes us through the EYB journey, details some of their events and provides a piece of nutritional advice for people working long hours in hospitality.

Then, at the 33:00 minute mark we chat to renowned Toronto bar manager Ana Wolkowski who can be found behind the stick at Bar Raval. Ana grew up in her Dad's bar and is an expert on all things Sherry.

Bar Raval, Toronto