Gin Foundry and Junipalooza's Olivier Ward dissects the gin industry

This week:

 - Feature interview with gin writer & expert Olivier Ward.

 - Free Pour Five with Bon Vivant Edinburgh Bar Manager, Daniel Smith.

Olivier Ward is co-founder and editor of online juggernaut Gin Foundry, an independent website that covers all things gin. Gin Foundry conducts hundreds of gin reviews, none of which are paid for, and is also behind Junipalooza, the international ‘meet the maker’ gin festival that exploded onto the scene in 2013.

Olivier and brother Emile started Gin Foundry in 2010, and coverage on the site is now so highly sought after that they’ve had to hide their address due to the sheer amount of unsolicited samples they’re sent on weekly basis. If anyone knows the gin market inside out, it’s Olivier, so we were sure to get his opinion on the industry that’s overflowing with new brands. Is this peak gin? Is that a bad thing Where’s it going to be in five years? Which brands are doing a good job of connecting with their consumers?




If you love gin, you don’t want to miss this.

Following Olivier, we dial the Bon Vivant in Edinburgh, Scotland, to chat to bar manager Daniel Smith. The Bon Vivant has previously been crowned Best International Restaurant Bar at Tales of the Cocktail, and Cocktail Bar of the Year at the Scottish Bar and Pub Awards.

Key Points

  • 4:40 Olivier’s gin journey
  • 8:15 Where is the gin market is at
  • 12:30 Have we reached peak gin?
  • 21:10 Barrel-aged gin
  • 25:00 How Gin Foundry selects its gins
  • 29:40 Olivier’s favourite gin brands
  • 37:55 The emerging markets
  • 41:20 Junipalooza
  • 46:25 Olivier's take on tonic
  • 49:30 Appellation controls?

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