The cocktail renaissance according to the New York Times' Robert Simonson

This week:

- Feature interview with cocktail writer and author Robert Simonson

- Free Pour Five with Kansas City bartender Ryan Maybee


Robert Simonson writes about cocktails. A lot. Since first stumbling across Tales of the Cocktail in 2006, just as the cocktail renaissance was beginning to gather steam, he’s cemented himself as a senior drinks scribe for publications like the New York Times, Imbibe, Punch and Muck Rack. He’s also got three book titles about the industry to his name: The Old Fashioned, A Proper Drink and 3-Ingredient Cocktails, some of which chronicle the history of the drinks in question and some of which focus more on the recipes themselves. In September, he’ll be releasing a fourth book about fine libations: The Martini.

"Our man in the liquor-soaked trenches" - New York Times

And in our Free Pour segment, we head to Kansas City to speak to one of the most decorated bartenders and hospitality professionals you can find. Ryan Maybee owns cocktail haunt Manifesto, The Rieger Hotel Grill & Exchange and now a distillery, J. Rieger & Co.

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Key points

04:00 From theatre writing to a spirits specialist

08:55 The cocktail revolution – “the last piece in the puzzle”

13:30 The Old-Fashioned

17:30 A Proper Drink

23:00 The Martini

26:50 The Sazerac

32:00 The Free Pour segment with Ryan Maybee


Resources, bars and products mentioned

Robert’s books

Pegu Club

Death & Co


The Rieger Hotel Grill & Exchange

Manifesto KC

J Rieger & Co