Kurtis Bosley on social media tips for bars & opening his first venue









This week:  

 - Feature interview with a man who knows a thing or two about using social media for bars - Kurtis Bosley.

 - Free Pour Five with Proof & Co's Charlie Ainsbury.

Kurtis Bosley owns and runs CBK Hospitality Solutions, a stunning Instagram page ( @cocktailsbykurtis) and now a bar / eatery at Dee Why Beach. Prior to all that, he helped open five venues and led the drinks program at Public House Management Group as their Group Bars Manager, so he’s had more than his fair share of valuable experiences in the industry.

Kurtis takes us through the learnings that have come with opening his first venue, what that venue is going to look like and his top social media advice for bars or anyone looking to create a presence on Instagram. In regards to platforms like Instagram, Kurtis explains the importance of learning how to geo-locate and boost your posts to the right audience. But to help engage that audience, it's a good idea to create posts and a feed that's visually appealing but also makes use of stories and other engagement techniques. For a more detailed explanation, head to the 16 minute mark of the podcast.


And the insights don’t stop there – our Free Pour segment that follows is an in-studio interview with Proof & Company’s Charlie Ainsbury. Charlie holds the perfectly-named position of ‘Spirits Evangelist’ at Proof & Co and is an extremely well-regarded bartender both in Australia and internationally.

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Key points

  • 2:15 Kurtis’ first venue – Corretto
  • 5:30 Opening a bar
  • 11:40 Pushing yourself
  • 16:20 Making the most of social media
  • 24:30 Kurtis takes us through Corretto
  • 31:15 Free Pour segment with Charlie Ainsbury

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