Living Proof: Cocktail Conversations for Bartenders

There are 700,00 bartenders in the US and Australia alone. The Living Proof podcast is for those who are passionate about their craft, or anyone who loves creating cocktails. Living Proof provides access to the industry's esteemed icons and shares knowledge from within the world of spirits and cocktails.

Episodes drop each week on a Monday, alternating between a feature interview with an expert - think Dale DeGroff, David Wondrich, Gaz Regan and Philip Duff - and a 'Free Pour Five', which takes listeners across the globe to talk to bartenders about what's hot and what's not in the bar and cocktail scene.

Here's to Lifting Spirits!



Salvatore Calabrese is a bar consultant, author, competition judge and industry great who's been in the game for over 40 years. In The Master Series, The Living Proof Podcast will be taking in the advice, stories and opinions of those considered to be legends of the industry.

Jim Meehan is a bartender, journalist and author of The PDT Cocktail Book and Meehan’s Bartender Manual, who has spent half his life perfecting the art of hospitality. In The Master Series, The Living Proof Podcast will be taking in the advice, stories and opinions of those considered to be legends of the industry.

David Wondrich is the author of two of the most widely popular books in the bartending biz, Imbibe and Punch. We chat to the drinks historian for our fourth installment of The Masters Series. In The Master Series, The Living Proof Podcast will be taking in the advice, stories and opinions of hose considered to be legends of the industry.

Philip Duff is a consultant, educator, producer, writer, judge, former bar-owner and overall bar industry great. In The Master Series, The Living Proof Podcast will be taking in the advice, stories and opinions of hose considered to be legends of the industry.

Marcus and Nicole return to their chat with the late Gaz Regan, bartending legend and pioneer of the cocktail revolution. In The Master Series, The Living Proof Podcast will be taking in the advice, stories and opinions of those considered to be legends of the industry.

Nicole and Marcus revisit one of their first interviews with King Cocktail himself, Dale Degroff. In The Master Series, The Living Proof Podcast will be taking in the advice, stories and opinions of those considered to be legends of the industry.

It’s been a year like no other, especially for bartenders and anyone in the hospitality industry. So for our final episode of 2020, we’re taking a look back at the year that was on the Living Proof podcast.

Stuart Gregor is Co-founder and Trade Director at Four Pillars, the Australia gin distillery that's just won International Gin Producer of the Year for the second year running.

Kevin Diedrich, co-owner of Pacific Cocktail Haven, is the 2020 American Bartender of the Year.

Jeremy Spencer is co-founder of both The West Winds gin and Curatif canned cocktails.

Brian Bartels is co-owner of the Settle Down Tavern in Madison, and the author of two books: The Bloody Mary and The United States of Cocktails.

Sam Egerton is Group Bars Manager at Merivale.

H. Joseph Ehrmann is the owner of Elixir San Francisco, and co-founder of Fresh Victor, a range of cold-pressed juice-based mixers.

Margot Lecarpentier is a Parisian bartender, and co-owner of Belleville bar Combat.

Richard Angove leads operations at St Agnes Distillery which, after 95 years of operation, is producing some of Australia's most awarded brandies.

Tyler Zielinski is a freelance journalist, competitive bartender, and beverage consultant. His writing has been featured in magazines such as PUNCH, Imbibe Magazine and Whiskey Advocate, and publications such as, Bloomberg and Fast Company have touted him as a beverage expert. Still, only 26 years old, he is just hitting his stride and has yet to fulfill his ambitions, so there is plenty more to come.

Willy Shine is the Brand Meister at Jägermeister United States. German digestif Jagermeister has earned a place on most backbars around the world thanks to the notoriety of ‘Jager-bombs’. But at its heart, it is a versatile and complex amaro made with 56 different botanicals. Willy Shine joins the podcast to discuss his career, how the company has set about changing people’s perceptions of the product, as well as its versatility in cocktails.

Paul Gabie is co-founder and CEO of Proof & Company, the premiere independent spirits distributor in Asia. Proof & Co also has a creative team that has become a driving force behind the cocktail renaissance taking hold on the continent, by designing bars such as 28 Hong Kong Street and ATLAS. Paul has an expansive chat with Nicole about the company's origin; the most exciting markets in 2020; their newest venture, ecoSPIRITS, that aims to end single-use glassware; and his philosophy on building successful teams.

After graduating with a degree in political science in her 20s, Canadian Lauren Mote was left questioning whether it was actually herself or her grandmother who had wanted her to become a lawyer. Lauren already had experience running a host of bars and businesses and, deep down, she knew that was where she found her calling.

Natasha David is the co-owner of Nitecap NYC, and Imbibe Magazine's Bartender of the Year.

Dan Gregory is an Australian bartender currently leading the charge at Evolve Spirits Bar in Hobart.

Camper English is a former scientist and current cocktail & spirits writer. He's the creator of the directional freezing technique for making clear ice which is ubiquitous in bars around the world. And he's also the man behind websites like Alcademics, and

Steve Schneider is the former US Marine who is now an integral part of the Employees Only team. Many of you would already be familiar with Steve, who has one of the more extraordinary and inspiring background stories that led him to becoming an icon behind the bar.

Millie Tang is a freelance photographer and one of the rising stars of the Australian bar industry. She has almost a decade's experience and currently works at The Gresham in Brisbane. In 2019, Millie took home a slew of awards and cocktail competitions, including the Australian Liquor Industry Awards' Bartender of the Year, Licor 43 global cocktail competition in Spain, and Speed Rack Australia.

Vasilis Kyritsis is co-owner of Athens bar The Clumsies - #6 on the World's 50 Best list.

Bad Frankie owner Seb Costello chats to the Living Proof podcast about opening a bar that stocks only Aussie spirits.

Los Angeles’ Big Bar, which is actually quite small, is one of many venues having its operations restricted once again amid a second wave of the pandemic. Big Bar’s Manager, Eugene Lee, and Bar Lead, Selene Martinez spoke candidly with Nicole and Marcus about how they’re protecting themselves and their customers while still staying open for business.

Giovanni Graziadei is the Principal Bartender at Jigger & Pony, Singapore.

Tim Etherington-Judge is the founder of Healthy Hospo.

Alex Ross is a pioneer of the Melbourne bar industry.

José Luis León is the Bar Director for RitualH group and Limantour in Mexico City

Alexandre Gabriel is a master blender and the founder of Plantation Rum and Pierre Ferrand.

Dave Arnold is a "master tinkerer", the author of Liquid Intelligence and the owner of Existing Conditions and Booker and Dax.

Artem Peruk is co-owner of El Copitas bar in St Petersburg, Russia.

Luke Whearty is the Aussie bartender who made his name in Singapore at iconic venues like Tippling Club and Operation Dagger.

Sebastian Reaburn reflects on the life of Vernon Chalker, a man who was instrumental in building Melbourne's small bar scene.

David Wondrich is the world's pre-eminent drinks historian.

Maybe Mae's Ollie Margan has recently written a raw, open and honest article for Difford's Guide.

Jeffrey Morgenthaler is a Portland bartender, author and industry authority.

Liana Oster is an Aussie expat who works as a head bartender in New York - at the best bar in the world, Dante NYC.

Maxim Schulte and Marcus Motteram are on the show to discuss how their bars have been affected by COVID-19.

Steve Roennfeldt is Steve the Bartender - a YouTube channel that has amassed almost 300,000 subscribers.

Brad Thomas Parsons - aka Mr Bitters - is an award-winning cocktail and spirits writer.

William Edwards is the founder of Archie Rose Distilling - the first successful Sydney-based distillery for over 100 years.

Mark Livings is a co-founder of Lyre's Spirit Co, a range of non-alcoholic spirits that is re-defining the category.

Trish Brew, formerly of the Gin Palace, is the first Australian ambassador for Fever-Tree.

Martin Hudak is bridging the gap between coffee and cocktails as Mr Black's Global Coffee Ambassador.

John Roberts is the owner of Bushwick Country Club - the birthdplace of the iconic Pickleback shot.

Andrew Derbidge is Director of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society of Australia, and the man behind Whisky and Wisdom.

Tim Philips-Johansson is a Senior Consultant at Sweet & Chilli, a multi-venue owner and Australia's most awarded bartender.

Mike Collings is one of the most expereinced Marketing Directors in the Whisky industry, and has recently launched his own Firkin Whisky range.

Jeremy Blackmore is a veteran bartender and venue owner who is one of three men behind Sydney mezcal mecca Cantina OK!.

Jason 'Widge' Williams is a Creative Director at Proof & Co in Singapore.

Sean Muldoon is the co-owner of world-renowned NYC bars Dead Rabbit and BlackTail.

Kathleen Davies is the owner and founder of Nip of Courage, Australia's leading wholesaler and distributor of Aussie craft spirits.

Mike Enright is a bartender, hairdresser and owner of The Barber Shop Sydney & Barangaroo.

Following the tragic news of Gaz Regan's passing, we bring you our late-2018 conversation with him.

'Cigar Czar' Richard Carleton Hacker is an author, and one of the world's foremost experts on cigars, wine and spirits.

Stuart King is the founder and owner of two Cincinnati Bars - Sundry & Vice and Comfort Station.

Garth Foster is the Brand Development Manager for Belvedere Vodka Australia & New Zealand.

Alex Gondzioulis is a bartender at Sydnay cocktail bar Bulletin Place, and the 2019 Australian Bartender of the Year.

Hiryasu Kayama is a bartender come modern-day alchemist who owns Tokyo's Bar Benfiddich.

Agung Prabowo is co-owner of the #1 Bar in Asia, The Old Man Hong Kong.

Ludo Ducrocq is the Global Director of Education & Advocacy at The Glenmorangie Company.

Martin Lynch is the Asia Pacific Commercial Manager at Teeling Whiskey. Teeling's 24-year-old Single Malt recently won World's Best Single Malt at the World Whiskies Awards.

Masahiro Urushido is a career bartender and owner of Katana Kitten, a Japanese-American style bar in New York.

David Spanton is the man behind Australian Bartender Magazine and Sydney Bar Week.

Giannis Miliotis is a brilliant bartender at Oz Cocktail Bar on the Greek Island of Chios.

Ross Blainey is William Grant & Sons' The Balvenie Brand Ambassador for Australia and New Zealand.

The fourth instalment of our best-of podcasts is our candid conversation with Jim Meehan, drinks author and owner of Please Don't Tell.

The third instalment in our best-of podcast series is our conversation with pre-eminent drinks historian, David Wondrich.

Our best-of podcast series continues with our chat with Philip Duff - bar consultant, educator, mentor and owner of Old Duff Genever.

We throw back to one of our most popular conversations with cocktail royalty - our late-2018 interview with 'King Cocktail', Dale DeGroff.

Kayla Grigoriou is a Bar Manager at Bar Torino, who recently made the Top 20 Australian bartenders at this year's Diageo World Class.

Feature interview with Prohibition Gin's Wes Heddles and Adelaide Hills Distillery's Sacha La Forgia.

Robin Wolf is the winner of the Tales of the Cocktail Official Cocktail Competition 2019.

Hidetsugu Ueno is a Japanese Master Bartender and owner of Bar High Five in Tokyo.

The Free Pour Five with Michael Bergstrom.

Feature interview with Salvatore Calabrese, aka The Maestro.

The Free Pour Five with Gossett Brown from the Rockhouse Hotel in Negril, Jamaica.

Feature interview with Foursquare owner and master distiller, Richard Seale.

Feature Interview with Justin Cross from Earn Your Booze. Free Pour Five with Ana Wolkowski from Bar Raval in Toronto.

Feature interview with the Cocktail Wonk, Matt Pietrek. Free Pour Five with the Cocktail Chemist, Dimitrios Zahariadis.

Feature Interview with the Godfather of Australian Whisky, Bill Lark. Free Pour Five with Abolut's Global Experience Manager, Georgia McDonnell-Adams.

Feature Interview with Gin Foundry's Olivier Ward. Free Pour Five with Daniel Smith from the Bon Vivant, Edinburgh.

Feature interview with cocktail writer and author Robert Simonson. Free Pour Five with Kansas City's Ryan Maybee.

Feature interview with bar owner and social media expert Kurtis Bosley. Free Pour Five with Proof & Co Spirits Evangelist, Charlie Ainsbury.

Feature interview with global rum ambassador Ian Burrell. Free Pour Five with Andy Ferreira from Cask in Cork, Ireland.

Feature interview with Tiki cocktails expert Jeff 'Beachbum' Berry. Free Pour Five with Sheena Hartcher, President of the Australian Bartender's Guild.

Feature Interview with Diageo World Class winner, Orlando Marzo. Free Pour Five with Hains & Co's Josh Esposito.

Feature interview with whisky expert Charles MacLean. Free Pour Five with Cedric Mendoza from Manhattan at the Regent Hotel, Singapore.

Feature interview with Sean Baxter from Never Never, creator of the world's best classic gin. Free Pour Five with Thor Bergquist, co-hosted by Sean!

Feature Interview with Black Pearl alumni and two thirds of Fancy Free, Rob Libecans and Matt Stirling. Free Pour Five with Bree Erica from the Roosevelt Lounge.

Feature interview with Aussie owner of Attaboy, Sam Ross. The Free Pour Five with Head Bartender at the American Bar at the Savoy Hotel in London, Maxim Schulte.

Feature interview with Agave aficionado Phil Bayly. Free Pour Five with ALIA Bartender of the Year, Natalie Ng.

Feature Interview with author and owner of Please Don't Tell, Jim Meehan. Free Pour Five with Japanese Master Bartender Hidetsugu Ueno.

Feature interview with drinks historian David Wondrich. Free Pour Five with the Coleman's Academy's Paige Aubort.

Feature Interview with finger-stirring aficionado Gaz Regan, and Free Pour Five with The Gresham's Ryan Lane.

Feature Interview with Australia's Speakeasy Group owner, Sven Almenning. Free Pour Five with The Flying Dutchmen's Timo Janse.

Feature interview with global consultant, mentor, writer, judge and venue owner Philip Duff. Free Pour Five with two of Asia's best bartenders: Tokyo's Rogerio Igarashi and Hisatsugu Saito.

Feature interview with New York Distilling Co's master distiller, Allen Katz. Free Pour Five with Adelaide multi-venue owner Ollie Margan.

Dale DeGroff is King Cocktail. He’s a bartender, author and “one of the world’s foremost cocktail experts,” according to in the New York Times.

Introducing the Living Proof podcast, where Nicole Haack and The Admiral go behind the bar, to chat to come of the big names in the spirit and cocktail world.