Our Favourite Coffee Cocktails That Aren't Espresso Martinis

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If life tries to tell you that coffees are for the AM and cocktails are for the PM then just ignore it because it couldn’t be more wrong.

Especially on days like today: October 1, which just happens to be International Coffee Day.

People cottoned on to the fact that two of the world’s greatest beverage types are better together decades ago and have been mixing liquor and brews ever since.

So this World Coffee Day, we’ve looked into some of the best ways to extend your happy hours into the early hours, or marry your morning cuppa with your subtle nightcap.

You really can have it all, huh?

Irish Coffee

Created to revive travellers after long arduous flights across the Atlantic in the 1940s.

Irish Whiskey, meet coffee and whipped cream... *salivates*.

You don't need a recipe, just whack some whiskey in a cappucino and top with enough whipped cream to feel naughty.

Cold Drip Manhattan

Cold drip coffee brings out the caffeine and banging brew flavour, minus the bitterness.

Here's our favourite recipe from Australian Bartender, adapted from a Mikey Lowe creation.

Dark & Stormy with a Kick

'Av a go at this caffeinated twist on a tropical classic that just works.

Here's the recipe from BBC.


Sicily is known for its citrus fruits, so pop a slice of orange peel in this to get the full experience.

Bon Appetit have this version for you to have a crack at.

White Russian

Think flat white but PM. Why fix what isn't broken. Vodka + cream + Kahlua + Coffee = ❤

Keep it simple with this beauty from Epicurious.

Cafe Marumbi

A bright, delicious wake up call that features lemon and tonic water.

Here's an awesome version from Punch.