5 Best Bar Management Apps to Keep Your Venue Funky and Functional

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Apps on Tap: 5 widgets that help the best bars tick 

To get your cocktail bar or restaurant working above par, you have to look at the ones that set the bar. Right?

That’s why we turned the Living Proof podcast this week to Alex Gondzioulis, winner of the 2019 Australian Bartender of the Year competition at Bar Week and part of the team behind Bulletin Place, Sydney. 

He spilled the beans on some of the digital platforms and apps that help the management and staff at Bulletin Place communicate, plan menus and reduce wastage.

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You’ve probably heard of Bulletin Place because it has a bit of a habit of popping into all those Top 100 cocktail bars lists around the world, coming in at #66 in this year at World's Best.

With other titles such as Most Sustainable Bar Program and Bar Manager of the Year (held by Evan Stroeve) under its belt, you could say its management team knows a thing or two about running a bar that is both funky and functional. 

So when Alex Gondzioulis says these are the apps that’ll take your hospo hotspot from sub-bar to wunderbar, we listen. Hit the app store and give these a try: 

1. Slack  

The one that Bulletin Place’s staff and management use to chat to one another. Slack is a free collaborative platform on which you can organise team conversations, share files and photos that inspire, and even video call your fellow team members to make sure you’re coming through loud and clear.

2. Airtable

The days of scribbling down lists and ideas on the backs of old receipts in your pocket are gone. Airtable has saved the day by making spreadsheets easy, shareable and portable, making it a great way for bar teams to share cocktail recipes and track ingredient lists in order to draft cocktail menus. All from your pocket. 

3. Trello

Trello will effectively banish all hints of the slightly-out-of-control from your bar or restaurant management. Lodge, assign, rearrange, share, prioritise, discuss and finally complete tasks using the simple and flexible Trello app and web platform. Get all your team members into one digital space and make sure everyone stays in the loop and on task. 

4. Wunderlist

Wunderlist really cracks the whip when it comes to staying on top of daily tasks. From replenishing stocks, to collating supplier details, to keeping track of all the Netflix recommendations your team members drop on the fly, Wunderlist is the go-to for jotting, ticking and crossing things off. 

5. Calm

Okay this one’s not from Alex, but there’s been a recent focus on mental health across all professional industries, and in particular the fast-paced, late night  hospitality industry where alcohol is omnipresent. Calm offers guided meditation sessions that can help clear your mind and observe some of the thoughts that may be slowing you down. Stress, anxiety, poor sleep, bad habits, gratitude and more. Plus, its latest Sleep Stories feature means you can have celebrities like Matthew McConaughey, Stephen Fry and Bob Ross read you to sleep. Unreal!