How to pour the perfect beer & say goodbye to bloating

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The way you pour a beer can have a huge affect on its taste, texture and the way your body feels after drinking it.

We’ve all heard the usual trope: “I don’t like beer - it makes me bloated.”

Chances are, that’s because it was drunk straight from the can or bottle it came in, along with all the...

5 Best Bar Management Apps to Keep Your Venue Funky and Functional

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Apps on Tap: 5 widgets that help the best bars tick 

To get your cocktail bar or restaurant working above par, you have to look at the ones that set the bar. Right?

That’s why we turned the Living Proof podcast this week to Alex Gondzioulis, winner of the 2019 Australian Bartender of the Year competition at Bar Week and part of the...

Our Favourite Coffee Cocktails That Aren't Espresso Martinis

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If life tries to tell you that coffees are for the AM and cocktails are for the PM then just ignore it because it couldn’t be more wrong.

Especially on days like today: October 1, which just happens to be International Coffee Day.

People cottoned on to the fact that two of the world’s greatest beverage types are better together decades ago and have...

3 Bulletproof Mezcal Cocktail Recipes

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You already know Mezcal is the flavour of the month. Or year. Or entire bloody decade. It’s popularity is erupting in all good bars, whether that’s in the UK, US or elsewhere.

And drinkers are starting to catch on, with every passing day it seems they become more ntrigued as to how they should be imbibing Tequila’s smoky cousin.

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6 Beer Cocktail Recipes Because Why Not?

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Ready the lagers and IPAs - this Saturday September 28 is National Drink Beer Day.  

But even for the biggest pale ale lovers amongst us, drinking pint after pint of draught can start to wear a bit thin. Why not really get the party started with a flavour explosion that should be drunk with care, one of our favourite beer...

How to Make a Flawless Whisky Highball Cocktail

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Ah, the highball: Liquor (usually whiskey) and soda. 

Humble in the face of praise, uncomplicated, chilled out and perfect for a summer’s day. Until they’re not.

“When people say highball today, they’re generally referring back to a Japanese highball, which is Japanese whiskey and soda and twists of citrus,” says bar owner Masahiro Urushido on this week's Living Proof podcast.

Masa is a...

7 Essential Instagram Tips for Bars

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These days there are more small bars and quality restaurants than you could poke a stick at.

To stand out, having a social media presence is starting to become as necessary as clear ice, as people turn to Instagram or other platforms to find where their next cocktail will be enjoyed.

And competition is even hotter now that we're living healthier by...

Here's 2 gin podcasts to enjoy on World Gin Day

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There’ll be more people than ever getting into the ‘spirit’ of World Gin Day this year, on Saturday June 8.

It’s no secret that gin is enjoying a resurgence of astronomical proportions. One indication of that is gin sales in Britain, which have tripled in the last decade. And production is starting to ramp up...

Living Proof featured on The Lead

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A huge 'cheers' to Jim Plouffe from The Lead South Australia, for featuring the Living Proof podcast on the news outlet's homepage.

The Lead showcases South Australian stories on a global scale.

Read some of Jim's story below, or you can check out the article in its entirety here.


We interviewed the King of Cocktails. Here's 5 things we learnt:

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When we decided to do a podcast about mixology, we immediately knew we had to talk to Dale DeGroff. He’s been part of the industry since the 1970s and his name is synonymous with it, having been more than partly responsible for the rise and transformation of cocktail culture and bartending internationally. His books, The Craft of the Cocktail and...

Introducing Living Proof - tales from behind the bar

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There are more than 700,000 bartenders in the US and Australia alone, but only a select few of those set the tone in terms of what’s in vogue in the ever-changing world of spirits and cocktails.

So, if you’re one of those hundreds of thousands of bartenders who love their craft, wouldn’t it be incredible to be able get inside...