Why are we speaking about podcasts?

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Because it's all about you. The people with the stories. It's not about the interviewer and the way they want to steer the content. And it's not about squeezing the flow of a story into a tight timeframe to work around advertising and programming schedules.

So we've launched the The Message Pod as a platform for you, as the storytellers, to tell your stories your way.

The voice is a powerful tool. It can carry much more emotion and sincerity than written words could ever convey. This is why we've chosen to bring stories through podcast interviews.  

If you're anything like us, you're also probably tired of the increasing amount of sensationalist, negative and controversial content clogging your newsfeeds. If so, you'll be pleased to learn that our focus at 'The Pod' is on inspiring and engaging our listeners by bringing stories we can all learn from, laugh with and delight in.

The idea for The Message Pod sprouted from owner Nicole Haack who, in her past life as a talk-back radio presenter, often found herself wanting to break the traditional eight-minute formula for on-air interviews, finding the most inspiring and enriching stories unfolded when she enabled her guests to tell their stories uninterrupted. 

And so, The Message Pod launches today with a philosophy to do just that: bring genuine stories straight from the source to cut through the clutter of clickbait and controversy.