Finally! The answer to the question we've all asked ourselves...

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'What would you do if you won the lottery?' It's a topic all of us have bandied about at one time or another, yet sadly many of us will never be faced with such a dilemma. 

And it got us can we find out what life is really like after you've won the lottery? How 'difficult' is it to come to terms with such a sudden change in financial status? And, probably the most important question of all, how the heck are we even going to track down one of these mysterious overnight multi-millionaires? 

But, we got lucky. Well, not $20 million Powerball lucky, but fortunate enough to get in contact with a $20 million Powerball winner. 

Adelaide father-of-one Rory was in his 40s when beat the 1 in 54 million odds and hit the jackpot.

Fast forward 15 years and you'll find a different man, a man with, well, wealth experience.

We were thrilled when Rory agreed to join us in the Pod to give us the lowdown on life as one of Australia's lucky few. 

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